About Licensing - Difference

Hi @Shalini_J ,

Automation Developer license is basically used as developer license. Earlier if we have license we used to get all three profiles like Studiox, Studio and Studio Pro. Currently for latest version UiPath merged studio pro into studio. So if you get this license you will get all the studio with all the Pro capabilities like Test Manager and Mobile automation etc. And also we can use this license for attended robot automation so you can run automations from your UiPath assistant.

Unattended License basically it is license for your bot. if you have this license you can run your bot in unattended manner.

In very simple way the difference between both licenses are first one is for development and second one for running unattended bot. if you have any more doubts please let us know. and also you could raise ticket or request to UiPath for more information. thanks.

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