About Get From Clipboard,how to get the range value that copyed from Excel?and Put the value into Send Outlook Mail Message body?

when copyed the range value from excel,all the format value was in clipbord,and i can paste into orther microsoft softs,like outlook,word?but if i want to used in Send Outlook Mail Message activity,is it canbe like in paste into word?outlook? thanks!


Please follow the below steps

  • Use read range activity to read the range in excel and store it in a variable.
  • Use the same variable to loop and form an HTML table structure as string variable
  • In send outlook mail property select the option IsBodyHtml and pass your HTML string

Thank you very much!
Those steps I was used before.but i think it was complexity.
I hope that the uipath can complete it by it’s own activity!

We have get from clipboard activity which will retrieve the last copied data to the required place @donghai

Have you tried using that? I hope this will change the format, but give a try :slight_smile:

First, I am suprise The Robot Master help me! :smile:
Second,I was tried using that,but as you know,it was change the format,so I want to keep the format,like in the Sheet!
so,is any orther solution?

We are here to help @donghai :blush:

And, the better solution to keep the format as it is forwarding the excel itself directly and I don’t think this will suit your requirement :slight_smile:.

Not an option to write HTML as we don’t know the format as the format needs CSS so…

So,Someday in future,UIPath can suport this function?:grinning:

You can post your opinion as new enhancement in the studio @donghai

Please do post it in the section User voice so that the development team will look into it and add that feature in future :smile: