About expansion in nupkg format

Hi all,

I have following question.
(A) developed on the machine on which Studio was set up and
(B) only Robot was set up.

  • Do not use Orchestrator.
  1. When you publish from Studio, the version is automatically added, is there a way to change this in UiPath Studio?
    When I tried it, it seems to be + 3 or +5 instead of simply being incremented. Is there any version rule?
  • It is an environment where third party applications such as NuGet Package Explorer can not be used.
  1. I am making a robot that Invoke Sub.xaml from Main.xaml. In this case, even if Main.xaml is made nupkg, I think that Sub.xaml will not be packaged.
    In such a case, how can I include sub.xaml in the package?

Thakns in advance.
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