About Datatable。

When I scrape a datatable, what controls or methods can I use to calculate duplicates in the datatable?

Hi @zyy_zero

If you just want to remove the duplicates,
you should use the Remove Duplicate Rows activity.
And if you also want to know how many the duplicates have,
you can get the rows count before that activity,
and compare to result of after activity run.

If many items in the data table have duplicates, and I want to know the number of duplicates for each item, how can I make it simpler?

Have a look at the below link.

Hi @zyy_zero
If you want to remove duplicate rows from an DataTable then the simple way is to use “Remove Duplicate Rows” activity and if you want to remove one or more duplicate items from your DataTable then i think you have to check manually and then remove those duplicates.


Thank you for your answers, but that’s not what I want.What I want to know is how to simply calculate the number of duplicates instead of deleting them.

I know only one way to do that and that is manually we need to do that.

  • 1st you need to get the duplicates and store into an another datatable
  • then using count you need to count the duplicates
    So, sorry i don’t know any other way to do it boss.