About css style display problem in UiPath?

Hello everyone,
Today I found a problem, I made a css style, this style is available in IE, but not available in UiPath, I want to know the UiPath CustomInput activity block is to call the local IE display? Or does he have his own kernel? What should I do if I encounter this problem?
My initial estimate should be this code: ‘linear-gradient(to left top, blue, red);’
If you can help me, it really helped me a lot.
Best wishes to everyone.


Can you check the visual tree in the UiExplorer and see whether it’s the same case? Can you change UiFrameworks and test it again?

Get back with the results lets triage this :slight_smile:

PS : Normally visual treee from UiExplorer is supposed to be the same as inspect element in IE or Chrome so it shouldnt cause any issue.

This is the same, I also made the adaptation of other browsers such as Opera, FireFox, Chrome, etc., but it is not useful.

Can you hare the page source or your hosted site (if you did) and let me also try it out…

Oh, sorry, that machine is not an external network machine.