About Concurrent process Running in End Server

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I had some Questions. Please help me for this?

1.Shall we run multiple Process Simultaneously?
2.If we run process simultaneously in a machine(say 3 or 4 process), how does it will impact the performance in end machine?
3.If we have 100+process in Orchestrator, that make automation in one application(say X).If that X application is broken, How we can manage that?What will be performance impact in this scenario?


  1. Yes
  2. Depends on what each automation is doing
  3. If that application is broken the automations will fault unless you are doing proper error handling in your code

We have 4 servers and run about 150 different automations 24x7. We have 14 service accounts that can run on each server. Orchestrator manages what runs where.


you can run process simultaneosly if all of your process are background process

it depends on how longer the automation be and how much applications it uses, the more apps the lowest perfomance you will get

you can control it by ussing the parallel activity, and start calling your jobs and of course handling the excepcionts that would appear


This is incorrect. You can run as many as you want regardless of background or not. Each running Job has its own RDP session to the server.

i mean in the same session you can run background proccesses, for each sesion you can run whatever you want, but it always will affect the perfomance of the machine.

Thanks all

Thank you all