About Cerfitication Practical Exam


I passed the theoretical exam and will try to pass practical one. I made some search about practical exam. It looks like advanced training assignments. I am asking;

Can we re-use level 3 assignment workflows?(System log in, log out, navigate workitems)
Do we create both performer and dispatcher?
How much time do we get?

Any extra advices would help.


Hello @ercanebiler

You get 3 and a half hours to complete the exam…
The exam is based on the acme system we used. So if you have a good practice in those, it would be easy to get it through…

Do we have to create both performer and dispatcher?

Depends on the scenario given to you. If required, it would be mentioned there

I’m not sure whether you can reuse what we developed for assignments. I just created them again. It wouldn’t take that much of time anyway.

Wish you all the very best for the finals :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Lahiru.Fernando Thank you for your good wishes :slight_smile:

We can get excited when there is a time limit. So I want all free time :smiley:

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We can try three times this exam right? For all those attempt will be on same project? Or every try will be different projects?

If they will be same project doesn’t make sense that giving 3.5 hours.

If they won’t be same project, why they are telling mistakes?(different projects lead to different errors)

Yeah every attempt has different project.
If you aware and complete level 3 assignment then it would be very easy.

All the Best

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@sandeep13 Thanks for your answer. I am searching about the exam before i start. I have seen so many people getting interesting errors. That’s why i am so worried about it :slight_smile: I completed levels 1-2-3 about 2-3 weeks ago. There’s a scoreboard excel file in the exam you know. There are so much things in that file.

Will they explain the job like walkthrough of level 3 assignments?

Not exactly the walkthrough like details explanation
But yes.list down the task that you need do

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I started. I forget to reset test data. I reset the data after start. Is it problem to them? :frowning:

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No problem… Just don’t panic… take it easy… :slight_smile:

Hahah it’s going OK. Can i ask they say “Don’t use external file references outside of the project folder (including Orchestrator Assets).” So I can’t use orchestrator assets like before? Can I type to the config file like System_Username blablabla Password blablabla?

Nope… You cannot use assets… But you can use the Credential asset. I used it in my certification. Though its a asset, it really doesn’t work like an asset. So you can use the Orchestrator credential asset without a problem… but not others.


I mean i created in platform.uipath.com an asset which store credentials. It’s ok with that right?

Yep… it is ok…

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Dear Lahiru my last question. Orders says
" TransactionItem datatype should be a String. The process should recover and retry in case of errors in navigation between WorkItems page. One transaction is the action of scraping one web page.By navigating to the next page, the next transaction will execute. (Same as ACME Process 4 Dispatcher from the UiPath Academy)."

Do i have to use dynamic selectors for changing pages? Won’t they accept extracting all data with classic data scraping tool which says “is there multiple pages”?

Yes you should used dynamic selector like you did it academy second assignment

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I was having issues using the dynamic selector when clicking on Next page, instead I used the Navigate to activity with a dynamic variable. Would that be acceptable?

If not, can someone show me how the Click to next page works, every time I use a variable inside the selector, that I change for each page, I get an Element not found right after the first page.


Thanks Lahiru, I was confused about the Credential asset. Regarding other Assets, I assume you mean that instead of creating Orchestrator Assets, I should place all other Assets in the Config.xlsx file, like in the Constants sheet rather than in the Assets Sheet or the actual workflow?

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Hello @MaryB2019

Exactly… That’s what I said… So you can create the credential asset in the Orchestrator. Then add it under settings sheet in the config file. All the other info, you can have it in the config file under Settings sheet. :slight_smile:

Hope it is clear now?

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Yes, thank you it is very clear now. I will add all the other assets to the Settings sheet.

Just wanted to make sure. I am getting ready to take the practical part of the exam in about a week and am a bit nervous trying to locate as many practice exams as I can to test my timing and skill level.

You’re always willing to help and I appreciate the time and how responsive you are.


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