About Bharat Team.Excel Extention.activities

I want to use this “Active Sheet”.but now it was closed?
I just only how to use it.!
I thought cell name is “A2”. but it was error.

@pchan0325 - Its giving an active cell where your cursor is finally placed before saving…

Input: I placed my cursor in C3 and saved the sheet…


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It means “$C$3”?

It means its giving C3 cell as active cell.

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maybe wrong.
I use “Get active cell” of uiPath.team.excel.extention.
it is error. like my photo.

but thank you ! Guru san
now I try to check this Activities.

@pchan0325… output is the output variable where the activity will give the output. Create a variable say StrCellName and use that in the output.

Now print that variable in the write line.

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