Hello Guys,

Does anyone know how many questions will there in total for final Advanced RPA Exam.

And Out of total how many question do we need to correct to pass the Exam.


There will be 80 to 100 questions …mostly its 80…the pasing mark is 70% so…you need 56-70 questions to be correct to pass

Please check this for more details


Thank You for the information

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It has about 60 to 63 questions from multiple topics and passing is 70%.
you can also practice from mock exams before going for real exam.



  1. You can practice for exam using UiPath’s sample exam and some other links. Mentioned below – At least 15-20 questions you can find directly from all these questions. If you understand all the logic for these questions, you can pass easily.
    UiPath Advanced Certification Flashcards | Chegg.com
    UiPath UiPath-ARDv1 New Questions - January updated UiPath-ARDv1 Exam Release
    NOTE- Don’t rely on the answers mentioned on these pages, try with sample code or UiPath docs.
  2. Re framework has multiple question, so get more inside into it. (10-12 questions)
  3. 1 question is from Queue Priority.
    Hint- First decide order for all having deadline, then decide for not having deadline.
  4. Around 2 questions from Log levels.
  5. 4-5 questions are from selectors. Understand Partial vs full selector.
  6. Understand the Project settings. (1-2 Questions)
    Hint- Project settings only work if dedicated activity property is not already configured.
  7. Understand the basics of commands in TFS/SVN. i.e., Pull, Push, Commit, show diff, compare files, Rebase (1-2 Questions)
  8. Default/Send message/ Simulate property of Type/Click. (2-3 questions)
  9. Background Process & PIP. (4-5 questions)
  10. Understand the diff. between Application exception, Business exception and System exception. (2 questions)
  11. Workflow analyser. (1-2 question)
  12. 2-3 questions from coding basics. Like initialization, index etc.
  13. 1 Question about Config file.
  14. 1 Question about Debugging program- Hint- which Tab to use for which purpose.

Hope this was helpful.

If you have around 1 year of experience, then it will be easier to get passing marks.