Able to See Email Subject but not Email Body

I have created a sequence using Get IMAP Mail messages from Google mail. I am able to see the subject lines but not the body text of the emails.
Here is the code
the output from the write lines shows the subject but nothing for the body.
(I can’t post the second image because I am a new user)

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Buddy that would work for sure you have mentioned correctly

If not kindly uninstall and reinstall the uipath and try again with the workflow it would work for sure

For more reference have a view on


Hi @redthree

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Could you try this solution:

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Thanks. This worked with one additional point:
If a message came through with no HTML body (in this case, there was only a text attachment), this code will receive an error. So, it’s necessary to test Mail.IsBodyHTML first and then use this code.