Able to preset a folder path for user to select files from there?

Dear pros,
in PAD, they have the option to preset a folder path, so that user can simply select files from there to get the file path. I tried in UiPath but seems not able to. any advise is greatly appreciated!

Hi @winnie_toh ,

Could you let us know what was tried ?

Also, was this activity checked for browsing files :

Step 1: Store the selected folder path in a variable, for example, “FolderPath.”

Step 2: Use the “Assign” activity to set the “FolderPath” variable to the desired default folder path.

Step 3: Use “Select Folder” or “Select File” activity in your workflow, and set the “InitialFolder” property to the “FolderPath” variable.

Dear AJ_Ask, thank you for advising!!
however, i do not see initial folder in the property.
appreciate your advise!


As per my understanding, In Power Automate, it is possible to select a folder and then choose files from within it. However, in UiPath, there might not be a built-in, preset option for this specific task, and you may need to create custom automation scripts to achieve it. But i hope above solution helped.