Able to click at login button, but getting error like "Invalid Username or Password"

Hi All,

i have a login page and i opened that into Chrome browser.

When i am trying to login by using UiPath getting error like "Invalid Username or Password. But when i trying to login manually with same username and password it is working fine.

Note:- No errors at workplace.

Can anyone please help me in this.

See your URL has https or http … some times some web servers will block automation clicks.
Example: if you want to automate any clicks on siebel application then you have to make a change in server side to disclose their web element properties… please check you might be having any such issue.

as a basic step, please check your selector information also.

Hi rkelchuri

Thanks for your reply.

i am using HTTP URL. Its an java application.

Please find the below image…

Check your Username and Password Variable Type.

If the Above Variable are in String use Type Into Activity to type the value in the Field.

If Suppose, the Password is in Secure String Type Use Type Secure Text Activity to type the Correct value in the Field. Otherwise, It will Type System.Security.SecureString instead of your correct Password.

Try to use set text activity


I am new to UiPath. I am able to select the activity named Type Secure Text and selected the element like password field. Created the new variable named “X”, variable type like “Secure String”. But where i have to pass the password.


Thanks for your reply.

I used set text activity, but still not able to login into application. Getting same error.

Credential Manager–>Windows Credentials And then Store your credentials below to Generic Credential.

WindowsCredentialtest.xaml (16.3 KB)

I attached a Xaml File for your Reference…

Try this…

Strange! Please try to use any other application and make some operations and see if that is working or not. I suspect your google chrome extension.

Enable SendWindowMessages option and try again.

Hi All,

Can someone help me on the below error:


I am using Type secure text for entering the password and created a variable, however I am getting the above error

Thank you
Archana Gaur

For this case, you didn’t get the value from the windows credential.

Something wrong in your code.
Please check your code once,

Or else refer my code i have attached in this loop,

Poovarasan Gunasekaran.

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@gaurar in the TypeInto property ‘SecureText’ you have to add the variable name.


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