Ability to store Connections into Variables (Assets)

Implementation of Integration Services in Studio (Configure Connection) would be more common and successful if the developer has the ability to pass a variable or an asset storing the connection inside application scope.

Hello @Andrei_Napradean

Assign Activity 1:
serverName = “your_server_name”
dbName = “your_database_name”
username = “your_username”
password = “your_password”

Assign Activity 2:
connectionString = String.Format(“Server={0};Database={1};User Id={2};Password={3};”, serverName, dbName, username, password)

Message Box Activity:
Message: "Connection String: " & connectionString

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I do not believe this is necessary.
When you publish a process to the Orchestrator you can choose the connection to use for your integration.

For example, see here

I believe the above poster has misunderstood how the integration service works so that connection string stuff is not relevant.

Thank you guys for answers. But the purpose of this feedback was to have a reusable connection variable (or asset) in order to be easily configured while running the automation unattended on different VMs (different cloud accounts). Right now the only solution that I have is to create the connection on each machine from 0.

I literally showed you how to do that though? Whats missing in the way I proposed?

the details I guess, a screenshot from the studio where the connection is configured would help, also does the asset have the value per robot? Please provide more step by step instructions if possible. If you don’t have time just ignore this post

Much like an asset you don’t configure anything in Studio, thats not how this works.

You configure it from the Orchestrator.

Basically the connection in the integration should be a considered a run time placeholder, which is actually logical otherwise your process would be forced to only work on a single tenant meaning you couldnt have a Dev/Acceptance/Prod setup.

When you publish the automation you need to create a process for it in a folder. That is what my screenshot shows. All the info should be there.

The only thing it is missing is the Value per robot. As far as I know the connection is fixed in the process once you create it.

What is the use case where you want to use a value per robot for an integration though? Seems odd to me?

I’ll try that and come back to you. I was thinking of value per robot because while running unattended my original connection wasn’t visible for any other machine. But if your approach fixes that it should be only one value.

That might depend on what folder you add the connection to, the connection needs to be in a folder visible by the robot running it. Perhaps you made the connection in your personal folder?

If you make the connection in the modern folder the robot runs in then it should run smooth.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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