Ability to publish offline when connected to orchestrator

We are currently working with two separate orchestrator servers, one for developement/UAT and one for production.
When promoting a new version into production, we want the version number to be identical in both orchestrators. But in order to obtain the .nupkg package and import it in PROD, we need to disconnect the robot from UAT so we can get the package locally from programdata. It would be nice to have an offline copy of a package, even if you’re connected to orchestrator.


From 17.1 SP you have the “manual” upload package functionality so you can publish a package without connecting the Studio to Orchestrator.

Uploading manually works like a charm indeed, but the ‘problem’ is getting the actual package. The only way to obtain the .nupkg file is to publish when not connected to orchestrator, or am i wrong?

I think that’s correct.
It’s a great idea IMHO. +1

Should we add a download package too?


If you’ll add a download package, I’d be fine with not being able to publish locally when connected.
That’s actually even better, because that action can be logged, since it’s happening in the system (possibly with checksum of the package maybe?).

Either way the end result is the same - unless there’s a “Promote package” option (and that would need a separate discussion of how it works), there’s a missing functionality of being able to move a package without being able to connect directly to Orchestrator feed.

But to not hijack - @MatthiasVG ?

Yes, that would solve our current issues :slightly_smiling_face:

How about being able to publish to multiple Orc instances at the same time from the same Studio instance?

It would be better to have a download option in orchestrator, or to have a way to publish locally from studio. I’d prefer the download option personally. Currently we have to manually change the settings file each time, which is a pain

I wouldn’t want to publish to prod orchestrator at the same time as dev or UAT/QA, so that wouldn’t solve the issue brought up.

@Mircea.Grigore I agree with @Dave on this one

Indeed a download package would be very useful. :+1:

Hi @MatthiasVG

Looks like this one is completed :slight_smile: