Ability to also apply governance at Process level using Automation ops

Hi @Paul_Boulescu @loginerror ,

First of all, I would like to thank you and UiPath team for your wonderful efforts towards improving your products and your focus on making RPA governance as efficient as possible.

Today I am here to share some observations and suggestions which we have come across during governance implementation at an enterprise level in our organization.
Please note: we are using studio governance feature applicable in on-prem version but I believe same would apply to automation ops as well hence, sharing this with you as well.

Current granularity level to apply governance - At users level, tenant level, group level(users grouped), product level.
Recommendation - If there is also an ability to apply governance policy at process level(or a set of processes), governance model would be more agile as in current scenario, if a person is working on different range of processes(highly sensitive, mid-level, low-level sensitive), then in that case, applying a same set of rules might not fulfill the right purpose for applying governance as different levels of restrictions might be required on processes based on their sensitivity and other factors. So, if processes can be classified into different groups and hence be applied different set of rules, that would add a lot more advantage to the use of governance at an enterprise level and we can be sure of the fact that highly sensitive processes are going through a stringent set of rules while others are given relaxation due to no risk factor involvement.

Hope you find this info helpful in further improving governance model.