Hi, I have created the project using the AbbyyFlexicaptrue and AbbyyLayout.
When I run it’s working fine. And extracted the correct value from the invoice.

I have used the UiPath workflow to run and save the data in an excel. But it’s giving the default value to excel file.

Is there any way i can see the reall time value while abbyy capturing the data, basically I want to read the name from the extracted data from the invoice and save the excel with the name only.

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What is that default value mean buddy
Kindly elaborate a bit more on what detail is needed in excel
Cheers @balkishan


This bro, Actually in this workflow it give the same name to all the excel,
suppose first extract from Invoice1.pdf
so it will create the folder with the same name of Invoice1 with additional info like data. Then inside it create the Excel with extracted information. I attached the snapshot.
If we have 10 invoice it will create 10 diff folder and same the each invoice data in each folder.
Like this bro.

But instead of the giving this name to the excel I want to read the name first from the abbyy extracted data then save the excel with that name.

Ex I have extracted the 5 field, CustomerName, Date, ArrivalTime and so on.
So I want to read the CustomerName and save this excel with the customer name.


So how the value of CustomerName is extracted as a individual value or as a table
—if it is obtained as individual value then no worries we can mention that as Filename path in the excel application scope activity
—if we are getting that as datatable then we are get from the for each row loop and get the excel named assigned to a variable that can be used in excel application w
If we are getting as a string as a whole then we can use regex or string manipulation method

Kindly correct me if I am wrong with the question
Cheers @balkishan


Individual only bro.


So we can directly mention that in excel application scope like this

Which will directly create a new file with that name

Cheers @balkishan


This CustomerName is created in AbbyyFlexilayout bro, Not in UiPath

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