Abbyy.UiPath.FlexiCapture.MultiTaskActivities - Abbyy Output excel filename issue

Hi All,

We are using Abbyy.UiPath.FlexiCapture.MultiTaskActivities to integrate Abbyy FC with our UiPath robot, but when we passing the filename, file as byte array to create a batch in Abbyy. Everything works fine, but Abbyy generating output excel with some different filename. For the same document definition it is working as expected if we do it in the Abbyy directly, But when we are using Abbyy FC connector from UiPath we are facing this issue. It is a showstopper for our PROD move now. Please help with this issue.


@sarathi125 - what activity pack are you using? I don’t seem to recall this particular “MultiTaskActivities” as being part of the core…

might be a good idea to contact the package creators…

@Ioana_Gligan ,

Thank you for your reply.

This is the package I am using.

OK, cool.

This is an activity package published by Abbyy, not UiPath. If possible, please reach out to Abbyy for support on that particular activity.



Hi @Ioana_Gligan ,

I think I have received this package from UiPath team only, let me check with them. But when we are using it with UiPath we are getting this error.

Sure, do check please, but given that the author is Abbyy - they will be providing the support for those activities. Do try to check with both UiPath as well as them if possible.