Abbyy UIpath flexicapture connector - 407 Proxy authentication error

When i connect Abbyy UIpath flexicapture connector in our corporate network, i receive 407 Proxy Authentication error.
Outside of corporate network , I am able to connect to Abbyy UIpath flexicapture connector.
I am able to browse https:\ cloud URL and open the web station in corporate network.
Is there is way to bypass this proxy ? so that we can connect Abbyy UIpath flexicapture connector and run Bot in our secure network.


Hi @jelin,
Seems that your corporate network is blocking some ports. You should talk with IT in your company and check with them all listening ports and unlock those which are responsible for flexicapture.

Hi, Just got to know that Abbyy Uipath connector does not support proxy. Soon beta version of connector is getting release to fix this. Thanks,

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