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Hello All;
Has anyone resolved this problem. I have the same setup as described by the many users previously in this thread, with recent licenses and still the error message is the same.

Document Scapping has thrown an exception
Source: Abbyy OCR
Message: Error performing OCR: AbbyyErrorLoadEngine
Exception Type: Exception

ABBYY’s support forum refers the issue to UiPath:

*** FineReader Engine accessing ABBYY OCR from UiPath**
*** IvanPopov posted this 21 November 2017**
*** If we understand correctly, you are using the UiPath software, which allows the use of ABBYY software to perform OCR. Apparently, “Abbyy OCR : Error performing OCR: AbbyyErrorLoadEngine” is a UiPath error message. For questions regarding the use of ABBYY OCR software in UiPath, please contact UiPath support at, or check their Knowledge Base, e.g. Abbyy OCR Engine

Just trying to see if using ABBYY scrapping PDFs is better than with Google/Microsoft engines that are not performant at all.




I have the same problem. After downloading ABBYY finereader ( the trial version) I still got the same error message " Abbyy OCR : Error performing OCR: AbbyyErrorLoadEngine" . I am trying to locate the main problem. Is the trial version the problem or there is another another problem?


Hi, you need to request the engine from your uipath local contact. You will need to follow the silent instrall instructions properly.



what you need is request an Abbyy FC12 Engine Trail license from Abbyy Sales.

fly away.


Hi Cosmin.

I followed your instructions but same error appears when I try to execute ABBYY OCR from UiPath:

My license is this:
What should I do to solve this?



Hi Juramirez,Still the problem exist for you ??i am also facing the same issue .
Can you please help me in fixing that …


Hi All,

The best way how to solve the issue is you need to create your own activity integrated with ABBYY Engine. I’ve did it and succeed.


Hi irahmat,

How did you achieve this?


I need at least a month to create the custom activity follow the customer requirement. If you understand basic how to create custom activity plus c# programming, you can create your own activity.


Wow, a month! Too much time but if we can’t use ABBYY OCR with UiPath maybe this could be a solution. Did you use some code from Github or you code everything?



take a month because requirement is always change. yeah, I coded by my self and I am not yet share to github. I will publish with another code (not this) if i have time because now I am in UAT Phase.


Let me know when you publish it please! It’ll be really helpful.