Abbyy Flexicapture Tool 12.0


How to classified documents using classification feature of abbyy flexicapture tool 12.0.
Anybody has sample demo of classification.
If yes please share with me.

Yogesh Shirsath

Hi @Yogeshsh,

The classification itself is done withing Abbyy FlexiCapture.

I mean, for each document you may apply specific conditions for extracting the information you need.

Once you have watched it, please download the connector for UiPath:


Thank you for your reply.

My concern is that i have one pdf file and
there is multiple different documents like Bank Details,Invoice(In single Pdf file) . I have to classified (Separate) them using abbyy flexicapture tool 12.0.

You are additional information will be helpful for me.

Yogesh Shirsath

Hi @Yogeshsh,

If there are multiple pages you could create a FlexiLayout in FlexiLayout Studio and for your fields you could set the number of page it’s located most of the times by setting its range, for example, if it’s located on the first page, the Range would be set to 1 and so on.

Once you have your FlexiLayout configured for all the fields that you would like to capture/extract information, then you may create Document Definition associating the FlexiLayout you have just created to your document in the Project Setup Station.