ABBYY FlexiCapture Table and Repeating group


We have created a Abbyy fcdot file and we are able to get the results properly. when we are using GetTable activity, we are getting results for table field. But, we are not sure what activity to use for Repeating Group field in UiPath. can you please help me with that?

We are getting following comments in UiPath,

Unable to extract table data because we are using repeating groups:

Processing Transaction Number: 1

Document was processed with confidence score: 95

Get Table: Table not found

Not Able to Extract Information from Invoice

Hi @Anand_Babu_M
Welcome to the UiPath community.

I haven’t tried this myself, so cannot comment with certainty. But logically speaking, a repeating group does not belong to a document definition (i.e. .fcdot file) but to a FlexiLayout.
A repeating group from FlexiLayout will be translated to a ‘Block’ in Document Definition.

If you check properties of your ‘Block’ object in doc definition, there’s a checkbox ‘Has Table Layout’. I suggest you try enabling it and test the outcome.

Hi RPAForEveryone,

Thank you for your reply,

I have tried the same. Still I am getting same error as mentioned below,

Get Table: Table not found

Any other suggestions?

Hi Anand,

You can extract the data from the PDF using FCDot file into the excel and can use that excel as Data table in UiPath. Repeating Group will be saved as Excel when you use Extract Activity after installing Abbyy package in UiPath.

Let me know if you are able to save your issue.

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