ABBYY Flexicapture in UIPath

I am trying to call ABBYY Flexicapture in UIStudio. For Server URL, what is the value to be passed?

Do i have to pass the ABBYY Cloud console URL or Any other URL ?

Please advise. Thanks.

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Hi @mahendhiran.ganesan
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First tell us that do you have abbyy license / deploy abbyy processing stations and processing servers?

Hi @mahendhiran.ganesan,

Yes, we have the abbyy fc license, and project setup station and access to cloud console.

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Hi @mahendhiran.ganesan
Sorry for the late ,

Server URL : this means that your Flexicapture login url , as same as other users login through browser , same URL you have to provide the relevant Uipath activity

As Uipath Activity ask Login credintials as follows
Application ID : relevant user ID in the abbyy Flexicapture
Password : password of the Application ID
Server Url : Flexicapture web login url

Hi @Maneesha_de_silva

Thanks for the reply.

We tried the Flexicapture Web login URL for Server URL, and got the 403 error.
Checking with our infrastructure team.

Just to clarify, these parameters are for FlexiCapture → Capture Data activity in UIPath Studio?