Abbyy Flexicapture Engine trial for UiPath CE users

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Iam using UiPath Community Edition(CE) and would like to try out Abbyy Flexicapture Engine trial.

My requirement:
I would like to try out Abbyy Flexilayout studio first to see how Flexilayouts can be built and document definitions can be created.
I will then use this info to see how I can use the built-in support provided by UiPath for Abbyy data capture.
UiPath does provide Intelligent OCR capabilities through Abbyy’s Activities but to use them effectively, a hands-on experience in Abbyy Flexilayout studio is required.
Abbyy Flexilayout studio is a part of Abbyy Flexicapture Engine.

I have gone through a few forum discussions such as the one below:

I found that at the time of discussion(July 2018), Abbyy Flexicapture Engine trial was available only for UiPath Enterprise and UiPath Trial users and not for CE users.

Does the situation remain the same or is Abbyy trial now available for CE users as well?

I have contacted Abbyy’s sales team but they responded saying that the runtime license has to be obtained directly from UiPath.



As per my knowledge you should have separate licence for abbyy, bcs its paid version whereas the Google and Microsoft engines are Open source.

Thanks for the response.
A free trial version is provided by Abbyy but obtaining the trial version happens through a slightly intricate process. Separate license is required for the trial version as well.

Infact, Abbyy provides two versions of the engines - Standalone and Distributed, both of which are offered as trials.

@ovi, @rflgrc14, @ddpadil, @aksh1yadav, @Vikas.Jain,
Do you have any response for the above query?

Appreciate any of your help.

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Hey Satish,

You need to create .fcdot files in an ABBYY Flexilayout Studio(separate license), and to use those layouts through Intelligent OCR Activities, you need to activate the SDK License, I am not sure whether ABBYY will provide both (SDK and Flexilayout) license for free.
But if there is an ABBYY SDK license, then Intelligent OCR Activities should work on CE as well. But not entirely sure about it either. Never tried it.



I have get the trial license for abbyy flexicapture distributed, i am using community edition and i am getting error like,


Hi Nikhil,
Thanks for the helpful info.
I will check this out from our end.


The SDK license is not activated on your machine.


For you guys who are still having this issue with Abbyy FlexiCapture in UiPath. This issue is caused by failing to register one (or more) of the necessary DLLs of Abbyy FlexiCapture Engine. The cause behind it could be a corrupted installation package or even an antivirus such as Trend Micro which blocks the registration tool regsvr32.exe. If you have this antivirus installed, uninstall Abbyy FlexiCapture Engine, disable the real-time protection of the antivirus, then install Abbyy FlexiCapture Engine. You can then restore the real-time protection of your antivirus. Run the workflow in UiPath, check if the issue is solved.

Hope that helps.

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Which trial version is compatible with UiPath Community version
ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK or ABBYY FlexiCapture Distributed for data extraction from Invoices ? I really stuck on which to apply. Quick help would be appreciated

ABBYY FlexiCapture Distributed

Has any one used abbyy cloud ocr api for data extraction ? If yes can you share sample workflow ?

Yes! @sirisharani14

you need to have
Application ID
and Password to use Abbyy Cloud Ocr

Thank you replying back. I am facing issue with extracting data with API. Getting response code 401 . Sharing workflow.
.Abbyocr.7z (164.1 KB)

i’ll Check @sirisharani14

i’ve been missing an activity after writeTextFile
is it IOCR?

Try Including UiPath.Abbyy.activities , UiPath.Web.Activities. If you still face same issue I will share screenshot

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check server URL?? in Abbyy Cloud Ocr engine
give this “

No use. Getting same response code