Abbyy FC Labeled Field not retrieving valid data


I am trying to create a field definition in Flexi Layout.
I have created a Labeled Field with below properties.

When I am trying to test, Abbyy is recognizing the label as expected. But for data, it is returning only the first number and not entire string.

Any help is much appreciated.



I don’t have knowledge in Abby, but may it be because of the label being compound of squares ?
=> The square separators might look like an end of field for Abby (which would be huge, to be honest)

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Thank you for your quick response.
Yes. It might be because of the squares in this case. In another scenario, where its only text, same thing is happening. I have no clue what is wrong with it.

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@Madhavi try to set the number of cells and cells type (Partitioned frame).you can do it on project setup station.

thank you,

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First of all Thank you for the response.
I have tried adding search elements with different types (adte, label, etc) but not getting the above property window. Can you please tell me how to get to this window?

As I am new to Abbyy, any helper document/content will be much appreciated.

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Here, did you try it using a region type element.?? Okay try this;
Now you are working with abbyy flexi layout right. Go to project setup station and create a new project .after that create a document definition and add your image (dont use auto detect fields because there are so many errors in it try to create layout manually) and then you can create fields you want . You can view field properties by double clicking on the field.
Or else after you create the lay out , upload it in to project setup station and you can edit your field there .

Give me your email, i’ll send you some pptx on abbyy flexicapture

I have done the same but not seeing the property window with property tab as Recognition.

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Hello! Can you please explain what exactly is “project setup station”? Is it embedded part of UiPath or…? Where can I find it?

Hi Madhavi n Vidwa,

i am also facing the similar issue , using the flexilayout , i dont want to use this using fixed form definition. could you please share the solution. thanks in advance