Abbyy - Dealing With Documents Where Data Extraction Does Not Begin From First Page

Issue while trying to extract data using fcdot template, we are facing issue if the templates header starts from a random page instead of the first page. Template is not getting matched.

For a scenario where in a layout elements defined appears as the Nth page in the PDF, and the first page is not identified by any search element, this would not be processed by the Flexicapture SDK as expected.

The analysis of the first page would end stating no search element found. To process this, either the leading unwanted pages will have to be removed before being processed by the Flexicapture SDK, else all the pages will have to be defined to be processed.

  1. Design a layout according to the PDF to define the elements that need to be extracted
  2. Ensure all the pages are getting matched to a search element
  3. Try defining elements as optional so that it searches for the elements for all the pages