I am using "AbbyyCloudOCR’ to read the PDF Text its not working for me. I gave the credentials with Application Id, ServerURL, password.

whats the error you are getting?


install this package and try UiPath.Abbyy.activities


let me know if it is working or not!

Same package only i am installed but it’s not working if any other solution my password, application id and serverurl everything is correct

can you please show the screenshot of propertypanel of abbyy ocr


send your workflow ill check everything looks good! just take out your ID and password ill use mine and ill let uk


I got solution given password is wrong i changed now it will be working fine. Thankyou so much help from me pradeep

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thought of saying that,password won’t be such easy ones :joy:
cheers @Buvaneshwaran23

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cheers :joy:

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