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I am creating an automation that consits on logging in a bankweb and then get the balance amount of each bank account. I do a recorder and get an image of the amount (Obtain Text “SPAN”) . After that I modify the “aaname” to .,??

The problem comes when it is not a positive amount and I get an error as the robot cannot find the amount. And the same when I put -.,?? and there is a positive amount in the bank balance, the robot cannot find it.

Do you know how can I put the “aaname” so it can get both positive and negative amount?

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Angel Llull

Use a different attribute for your selector. If you’re using a selector which varies easily, it’s best to find a more stable one using UiExplorer.

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Hello Anthony, thanks for the answer! :slight_smile:

Hello @Angel_Llull_Rivero,

There are a lot of options for selectors, I don’t recommend using the aaname for nothing at all, you can also use anchor base activity beside wild cards. We have 2 wild card the * and ? symbols which ? replaces only 1 char and the * replaces all before or after.

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