AADSTS50194: Application Is Not Configured As A Multi Tenant Application

Having issues connecting to office 365 cloud by using Azure AD -" AADSTS50194: Application Is Not Configured As A Multi Tenant Application ".

Enable Multi-Tenancy for the Office-365 deployment in the Azure Cloud by following the below guide.

By default, web app/API registrations in Azure AD are single tenant. The Office-365 registration can be changed to multi-tenant by finding the Supported account types switch on the Authentication pane of the application registration in the Azure portal and setting it to Accounts in any organizational directory.

Before an application can be made multi-tenant, Azure AD requires the App ID URI of the application to be globally unique. The App ID URI is one of the ways an application is identified in protocol messages. For a single tenant application, it is sufficient for the App ID URI to be unique within that tenant. For a multi-tenant application, it must be globally unique so Azure AD can find the application across all tenants. Global uniqueness is enforced by requiring the App ID URI to have a host name that matches a verified domain of the Azure AD tenant.

By default, apps created via the Azure portal have a globally unique App ID URI set on app creation, but this value can be changed. For example, if the name of the tenant was contoso.onmicrosoft.com then a valid App ID URI would be https://contoso.onmicrosoft.com/myapp. If the tenant had a verified domain of contoso.com, then a valid App ID URI would also be https://contoso.com/myapp. If the App ID URI doesn’t follow this pattern, setting an application as multi-tenant fails.