A way to add dynamic items from an excel sheet to send an email?

Hi everyone, any technical ideas on how I could execute the following scenario:

I am reading in this excel sheet, and want to send emails to the users based on a training they need to finish. In the case there are multiple courses belonging to the same user, can I add them dynamically to an html file so that they contain all the courses on one email as opposed to individual emails for each course?

I have already created a way to send emails for each course individually, but I want multiple courses on one email per user.


in general it is a

  • filter
  • and/or group by case
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Hi @ajeffers,

1-First of all, read the excel you have.

2-filter only user

3-Remove duplicates to be unique.

4-And create a loop with this new dt.

5-Let the loop filter in excel dt for each row you read.

6-Since the filtered lists will be listed by name, you will have all the trainings of a name.

7-You can send this mail by putting it in an html themeplate in a loop.

8-The loop will be completed by dynamically sending mail for each name.



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I am going to try this Muhammed. Is there a way you propose how to make the HTML template dynamic?

have a look on this activity as there is placeholder concept using variables:

working through this code testing now