A Tiny Variant for Level 3 Assignment 1

Hello Community,

here a tiny variant for the assignment 1 in level 3:

At RPA Marketplace UiPath Go! I found from @Jan_Brian_Despi a cool snippet to encrypt a string to SHA1. I tried it in my assignment 1 level 3 test and it works very good, especially the performance is much better than accesses via web pages.

This is a very good variant for this assignment, thank you @Jan_Brian_Despi for this snippet. :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards


I do agree on this too… this component is really great and much easier than navigating through pages and depending on screen scraping stuff. As I have heard from experts, as RPA engineers we should always try different and more efficient approaches on getting things done. And specially when it comes to finding ways to get the same thing done without screen scraping and navigating. This is a great example for it.


Hey @StefanSchnell!

Thanks for recognizing and appreciating my component.
Will continue to work harder on creating components that will help the community!

Thanks and regards :slight_smile: