A Simple Method to View DataTables in a Table Format within UiPath (Activity)

Hello everyone, I’m excited to share my first activity with the community. This activity, designed with developers in mind, is called DataTable Visualizer. It provides a convenient table view for DataTables, allowing you to quickly inspect the values within.

It’s important to note that this activity is specifically made for development environments. It will disrupt the automation flow, making it unsuitable for production use. However, it can be beneficial in attended bot scenarios where users need to inspect data.

I recommend updating to version 1.0.1 when it becomes available, as it will introduce more customization options.

Any suggestion will be appreciated (After this post will be closed , you can share your suggestion or a bug report to this indiedev9769@gmail.com)

Update 1.0.1 :- Hello Guys, I’m excited to share the DatatableVisualizer.Activities V1.0.1 Update , This Update brings a two new filters for column , now you can filter the amount of columns you want to see either with a column range or specified column names

Please check the new update here

Also a youtube video if want to see the working of the activity


@indiedev91 - try https://youtu.be/scffAAVBLZc

Yes it is possible to use UiPath forms , but in a real development enviournment , just view a datatable , people will not make a form to just look at it , instead they can use the activity, where all ui is already done for you , and the only thing you have to do is to pass a datatable variable , without having write range an excel just to inspect the data in a proper table view / format