A server need to be restarted

I have a list of servers in a excel file. I need to read the excel file and restart the servers.

I can read the excel and get the name of the server. Now, is there any built in function (or) activity that can be used for restarting servers?

hi @prasadt,

What kind of server are they and what is its scope.

Is it about restarting a server through an application, what exactly the prob is .

help us with some screen shots and give us an overall context of this issue.

Hi, this is a requirement as part of Code Deployment. After the Code is deployed, some QA Servers need to be restarted. The servers are windows based servers.


I think you need to restart the servers with a Powershell script then you can call it in UiPath if you want. I don’t think there’s any UiPath built-in functions to control servers remotely like that, but Powershell can; I could be wrong though.


My question was primarily because we can have UiPath Robots, logging into servers remotely. So, can’t they trigger ‘restart’ on the server?

Technically, you can make a UiPath bot remote into the server then perform the Restart action or Ctrl+Alt+Del (using Click or Keystroke automation). So maybe that’s what you are wanting? Alternatively, you can make a Batch or Powershell script that performs that action and call that.


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Perfect, thank you for the guidance.