A robot with user name '******' is not defined in Orchestrator

What to do if a robot with user name {domainname\username} is not defined in Orchestrator?

Cause 1. Robot not provisioned: 
Solution : 
Make sure the robot is provisioned on Orchestrator. In case you are not aware how to do, please refer to link Provision the robot

Cause 2. Username is not correct or robot provisioned for a different username. 
Solution :
Please provide correct and full username (as domain\username) of the robot user. You can check the username by :

  1. Login with robot user
  2. Open cmd and run the command “whoami

Please note that if domain name is present in the username, domain name also needs to be provided along with username in Orchestrator: DomainName\UserName.

Note: It is mandatory to enter a password while provisioning the robot itself (Except while using CyberArk)