A ROBOT to have an automate instagram channetl


I have an idea to have a fully automated Instagram channel by smashing relevant images fro tumbler, pinterest etc. can some body suggest is it a viable idea or not. all suggestions are welcomed.

viable it is, but try to write down the logic / algorithms that you want to implement.

its viable. you have come up with specific requirement and start development

What is the robot purpose? Discovery, likes, chat bot, managing messages and post?

Would your robot be doing any of the following?

  1. post images / videos from the internet
  2. write a generic comment
  3. write a few good hashtags
  4. respond to comments and maybe even messages
  5. follows people with similar content

If yes, I would love to help you in this project. I am a noob but I will give it my best shot :smiley:

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yes. let us get together and give it a try

I have send you a request to connect on LinkedIn, lets connect and talk.

Hi, Im also interested about these type of automations. ¿Are you working with the current desktop web version of Instagram? As far as I have seen at the first look, there are some features missing (Instagram TV, view / create / scrap stories).

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Hi, I have nt started. are u interested? we can discuss about feauters

Hi all,

I already started a few days ago and some of the basic needs / functions have been covered for my Library version:

  • Account Login. It receives the username and password as arguments, and checks if there is an account already opened or not.

  • Go to an specific profile. It receives the account name and goes to that profile if exists.

  • Logout. No args needed.

The next step I want to cover is about listing all the followers / followed accounts for any public account.

One of the issues I have noticed is about selectors. The web version, depending on your country, changes the language and it might affect to a huge amount of selectors.

Any ideas or suggestions about this? How do you think would be the best way to deal with the multi-language situation? By the moment I will keep programming the functions I think are interesting to have, but should be something to keep in mind.

you may try zeinsta!.. its a good tool in automating your instagram account. it can handle up to 15 account.

This is a really good idea! Lets bump it up again if anyone is still interested!

Hey this sounds amazing! im trying to learn UIpath to fully automate my marketing agency i want to automate following and unfollowing for my instagram and my clients instagram accounts, also automate liking on certain posts on a hashtag, also i want to automate other social media as well, if anyone is currently doing this and trying to learn this let me know maybe we can figure it out together!

Hey - where are you guys on this ; i would live to join to add to effort

It would be interesting to learn how do you guys collaborate. Maybe there are some lessons here for us on how we could improve Automation Cloud to allow for better collaboration of different community members on specific projects :slight_smile: