A robot for my interview

Hej there

Q 1:
Can anyone come up with an ideea for a robot I can build, to try my skills in studio?

It should not be very advanced, but at a developer foundation level
The objective is a robot I can present it a a job for rpa developer, as a mean to prove my skills.

I am wondering if anyone else tried building a robot solely for an interview presentation?

Thank you all!

Hi @Andreea_Luntraru

Welcome to UiPath community

for Q1
Use Case 1 - Navigate to common converters in this website https://www.unitconverters.net/

then to currency converter

take user input for source currency, final currency and amount and give the conveted amount as a info log or as text box
Hint: here you need to use variables in the selectors at the inner text - USD [United States Dollar].

Use Case 2 - have an excel with some data and send it as a mail attachment. Make the bot to download the attachment and display the excel data as log message or as text box

for Q2
I never built any bot specifically for interview as my discussions are within my current organization for different projects. Discussions would be on my implementations in previous projects

hope this is useful


Thank you Aditya. It was really helpful.
Hope you’ll have a nice week :blush::pray:

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