A process freezes depending on odd conditions


I have a process that loops through a fixed number of times based on what I tell it. The process itself is interacting with another software set through the UI for the purposes of timing things like page loads, search returns login times etc. It’s purpose is to take a lot of timing samples and collect data so we can get a sense of what it might be like for a user using this software.

That aside the process freezes under interesting conditions. If it loops anymore than 1 time the process will freeze and the bot will crash out but it runs through that first time as expected. If I run it with the loop count set to 1 and then run it with the loop count set to 1 again it works as expected but if I set that loop count to 2 plus I can expect failure. Note, the application I am interacting with goes non-responsive until the bot dies and then returns to normal.

Now the part that I find really odd is this; I had a great idea to troubleshoot this, add some breakpoints and run debugging (sounded great in my head) and then watch the loop fail and see what was going on. I set my break points, pressed F7 and eagerly awaited the results. Something odd happened, the bot stepped through the break points seamlessly with each click and then it did it again and again and again. The bot was successfully looping now and the only change was the debug run. What gives? What is so different between the two runs?

Hi @FireflySeason2 ,

Yesterday I notice the same behavior in the bot I am doing, luckly my loop for now I need to do just 2 times so I fixed copying the code twice.

But happens to me exactly and I am trying to find a logic answer. My loop work fine in the first, get freezes in the middle of the second but I never wait more than 5 minutes so I just stopped and when I debug to see if was an error or something works perfectly fine.

Also I thought that the loop was a problem, so I change a for each for a do while …and nothing …same issues …

Did you find any solution to your problem?