A problem with getting credentials, 1st assignment, Advanced Training

In the config file we put an asset with the same name as it was created in the Orchestrator. That’s great but when the InitSettings file works, it tries to use the ‘Get Asset’ activity and it obviously fails when it tries to extract the credentials due to the type mismatch.

Here you can’t use the ‘Get Credentials’ activity too as you can’t extract it to the config variable in order to pass it to the next file.
What’s the proper way of doing it?


i had same problem, actually you need to put the asset name in setting sheet.

you need to pass the asset name from config file to system1 login workflow as an argument

@phyogananda, Yeah thank you, I’ve just done the same a few mins earlier :slight_smile: But the guide keeps confusing me.


thats how they want you to learn…:grinning:

@phyogananda, haha yes but still
I described it here: Where exactly do I invoke the Data from the level 3 assignment?

Could you please answer me there if you know the answer? Like I would’ve done a different way but I don’t want to make it totally different and I want to follow the steps in order to understand whether their concept is really comfortable


i was just reading your post on this, i have same prob here. my workflow is stuck with it.

i am facing an error message also, which i have posted in forum still i havent got answer for it

@phyogananda, my problem is a bit different though :slight_smile: Their explanation of where to invoke certain files confused me. Because logically I need to extract data after the InitApplications file because this is the first occurrence of opening the website. But they say I need to put it after the KillApplication thing which is logically wrong because the browser hasn’t been opened yet.