A new page is open when i use "Test activity" how can i avoid that?

i am using “use Application/Browser” and for my test i use “Test Activity” but when i run it, it will open a new chrome page. I just want to test the activity without opening a new page



Use Attach Browser:

Use the “Attach Browser” activity to specify the browser you want to work with. This activity allows you to target a specific browser window.
Use the Browser Session:

Inside the “Attach Browser” activity, you can place your test activity (e.g., “Test Activity”). This will ensure that the test activity runs within the specified browser session without opening a new browser window.


Try this way it will work

Using the old activity isn’t a solution.

@Soudios set the Open property of the Use Application/Browser activity to Never.

It’s important to learn and understand all the properties of the activities you use.


No need to use attach browser,you can modify the properties

enable as showing in the image


That’s what I said.

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