A little bit comlicated task for me

Hello Guys. I hope you will help me!

So, i need to do some automation with the browser.

Here is the schedule of what has to happen in order:

  1. open browser with two links
  2. in the first link must be done repeated action each 40 minutes
  3. in the second link must be done repeated action each 13-15 minutes.

My problems are:

  • How to teach robot to switch between tabs and look for needed tab at the moment?
  • How to teach robot to find a needed tab and go on it if i am on different web page
  • Can i take strings from text file line by line each 15 minutes?
  • Is there some random function to choose from range of time like 38-40 minutes, or 13 - 15 minutes.

I understand that i will need parralell so the qestion is also how do i organize all of that work?

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Hi @maksustuyanov,
Most if not all web browsers works with a key shortcut for tab switching. You can use this with “Send Hotkey” activity. Or you can build proper selector for your automation where for example proper website name will be defined so your robot will know which site is it all about.