A Landing Page To Rule Them All

A Doc Landing Page To Rule Them All

Dearly beloved :heart_eyes:,

The ROCK-DOC team proudly presents docs.uipath.com - the landing page of the future :rocket: which contains:
• A global search for all the available guides
• A release notes page to rule them all - UiPath Release Notes
• A new guide for UiPath Cloud Platform - UiPath Automation Cloud™
• A unified point of entry for all guides - they are all under this domain now. For example, activities.uipath.com is now docs.uipath.com/activities!
What’s New - a section in which we’ll add important pages that were updated, new features the clients asked for etc.
• Useful links pertaining to each product guide

• the Global Landing Page is not localizable yet

We are waiting on some DNS redirects and that is why the old URLs cannot be reached. I’ll keep you updated and will let you know when they redirect properly.

Later Edit: All redirects should be working fine now. Please report any dead links.


Hey… this is awesome!!! Great work guys… everything in one place… easily accessible and with a nice interface too…

Just thought of letting you know… the first time I tried to access the page it gave a message saying blocked and ended up with a white blank page after couple of refreshing it started working perfectly…

As an improvement
Since this acts as the global landing page, it would be great to have a section to get to all UiPath platforms as well. This can include community orchestrator cloud, forum, academy, certification platform, Connect and Go!

Keep being awesome as always…


The interface looks clean and easy.

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May the search be with US! :stuck_out_tongue:
Looks good, but I have some suggestion:

  • when we click on search bar and start typing on landing page, it will show the results as auto suggest, when I click outside and try to continue typing i cannot able to search even if i hit enter also and it stops auto suggestions too.
  • When i am searching in the sub folders/pages the search bar acts similar, but when i click out and continue to search and hit enter it takes me to first result of the suggestion instead of listing the search results.



Oops! Didn’t see it coming!

Awesome UI! :star_struck: It’s so clean and user-friendly.

Now, we don’t need individual links to post in the forum.


Sometimes clicks are not happening and starts loading the older search, Waiting time is more after clicking.

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Thanks for letting us know!

We have some slight issues with the search at the moment, and we’re trying to fix them ASAP.