A full how-to from starting a process to publishing it to orchestrator and then testing out the robot

I am trying to demo one of my robots in Orchestrator and in order to do that I need one that can do a job. That so, can someone enlighten me with the full process (excuse the pun) for creating a process and publishing it to my orchestrator and then trying it out in orchestrator

The process can just be to print out a “Hello World” message

Create any project, you need a json file when to publish (should be created when you create the project)

In Studio, there is a publish button. If your account is linked to orchestrator (have a robot) it should publish automatically.

If not you can manually upload packages

how do I access my account on studio?
I don’t remember if it was the one I used for Orchestrator.

Also when I try to manually download the file it comes out as an .xaml and not a .nupkg