A Fresher Job Hunting

Hello I’m Luis Fernando Pazos,

I just finished the RPA Developer Advanced and as much people have told me i’m ready to start working. So to make it fast and simple, What should my first step be to find a job? Which are the best ways? Anything will be very helpfull. Thank you


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Hi Luis
Nice to hear news from you. Here are some recommendations:

  • Connect with community events if you prefer in spanish for example Mexico City has some scheduled events and it is very helpful to network with community members and get guidance from their experiences: UiPath Mexico City

  • Complete your LinkedIn profile. Make sure to include a clear description of your profile, not only what you’ve done so far also what are your goals. Include diplomas obtained from your completed courses in UiPath Academy. If you do not have a formal job related to RPA but you re working in your personal projects indicate that you are working as a freelance

  • Send your CV to companies that are UiPath partners. You will find a list in the following section of UiPath website: Trusted UiPath Business Partners | UiPath
    Ask them if they have a trainee program. Follow them on LinkedIn

  • Share and post relevant information in social media. Keep active in the forum.

  • Offer to work as a volunteer in a non profit organization that may need an automation solution. It will give you experience and connect you with people that may recommend you.

I am sure that in a very short term you will have that first job opportunity you are looking for.

Best wishes!

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Hello @dokumentor

Thank you once again for your advices, there are always welcome. I’m going to start working on it.

Hi @Luis_Fernando,

Since you do not have work experience, you can work on sample usecases.

For example ;

You will show that you have very useful practices in job interviews.

In addition, another factor that will make it easier for you to find a job is to complete the training and certification processes on Uipath as much as possible. Having done this gives the consultancy firm you will enter an advantage on the uipath side.

Good luck.



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