A Connection Attempt Failed Because The Connected Party Did Not Properly Respond After A Period Of Time, Or Established Connection Failed Because Connected Host Has Failed To Respond

Why is it not possible to install packages despite whitelisting all required feeds as per UiPath requirements?

Issue Description:

Services the Robot Connects to document below includes an exhaustive list of all the services that the UiPath Bot essentially leverages.

Sometimes, even after whitelisting all the services mentioned above, one might run into a failure to install the required package. The error message in such a case may appear something like the below:

Root Cause:

This issue essentially occurs because pkgs.dev.azure.com directs to <XXX>.blob.core.windows.net. As such, even though the former is whitelisted, the latter is not, and eventually the package download fails.

It appears that pkgs.dev.azure.com is a DevOps URL that is handled by Microsoft. When a package is pulled from DevOps, it gets pulled from an Azure Storage account which is dynamically generated.

Assessing the network trace in this scenario, observe something like the below:


In general, Allowed IP addresses and domain URLs document states what needs to be whitelisted for Azure DevOps to work properly behind a firewall.