A complete beginner here. How do I do this? (Copying from Excel to SST, a subtitle software)


While searching for various RPA software, I thought that UI Path would be easy to understand, so I started studying.

My main business is video translation and I would like to copy the data from Excel to SST, which is a software dedicated to subtitle translation.

I checked out a video on YouTube which was easy to understand, so I tried it while referring to it, but I ran into a problem due to the structure of the SST software.

Due to the structure of SST, there is an original text column and a subtitle column for each subtitle number.

SST structure

What I usually do is use machine translation first and export that out in Excel format.

I want to copy each line from this Excel file to the subtitle column of SST, then move to the next subtitle number and repeat the process.

However, when I use the activity “Enter text” as was explained in this video (in Japanese), the information from Excel moves to that of the next entry, but it remains at the first line of SST and only the data extracted from the designated Excel file continues to be filled there.

What would you say is the best approach for this?
Do something in combination with Send Hotkey activities?

I will specify what I want to do again.

  1. Copy the first line from a designated Excel file.

  2. Moved to the subtitle section of SST. In SST, when you press the tab key once, it will move to the column immediately below. Please refer to the attached photo.

With subtitle number 1 selected, press the tab to move to the subtitle field.

3.Paste the data from Excel into the subtitle field.

Press the Tab key twice to move to the subtitle field of the next subtitle.

  1. Paste the next line from Excel there.

If I can repeat that, the efficiency of my work will improve considerably, so I would be grateful if you could help.

I look forward to receiving your wisdom.
Thank you in advance!

had you cross check the import features of STT? We would assume the texts are split to its corresponding start end timings by an export of a first language.

in general we are using type into when entering text an application / webpage field