A bit different - Autofill From Excel

I often search an online system for data and when the data is found and selected it is saved to my PC as a .csv file.

From here is I need to load it into a single web page that is very long and has about 200 points of data that needs to go into different fields.

My issues is the web page will already be signed into and navigate to in order to load this. I am look simply to map the data from the spread sheet to the web page.

All the online videos I have seen wants you to have the script navigate to the site, log in and start posting in a loop, click submit, rinse and repeat. I do not need this.

I will be on the page and I just need to run the script to insert the data into the site without any clicking or anything.

I am hoping for help to do this. Like I mentioned I have been unable to find help to load a webpage that is already open, and making sure to identify that particular web page.

I am hoping for some good direction on getting the basics for this that I can expand on.

Thank you

There is no need to load the page from the script and you can run the script for a website which is already open. Based on the selector, UiPath can bring the browser window to focus and run the script. You can also use the “Attach to live Element” option.