"&#9x;" in selectors having a mind of their own


I used the “UI Explorer” to find a selector for an element I wish to manipulate. The selector returned by UI Explorer contains the aforementioned string.

I put it into a string (since I needed to set part of it to CurrentDate) and pushed it to the log. It looks fine.
-In the next step I tried to use it to manipulate the UI Element, wich fails. In the log file I can see a different selector was used. “&#9x;” seems replaced by spaces. -Perhaps thats just how its printed into the log ?

Also, when looking in UI Explorer theres also a difference in how the string is presented. In the bottom window where the editable text is found, and how its presented in the upper-right window where each tag is presented.
In the case of the editable text the aforementioned string is present, while its conveniantly removed in the upper right window.

Can anyone explain how this part works and how to deal with this, and similar, situations ?
/Best Regards
:o) Tomas

sorry about the screendump, lets try agani :slight_smile:

Don’t use Id attribute in your selector and you can manually remove &#9x because it seems it is considering something and converting the same to ASCI code.

You can also remove line 2 and line 3 from selector.