8. RPA Challenge - Citrix Google Calculator


Now, this is an impossible challenge that will be counted as five :slight_smile:

  1. Retrieve some input like 12+563 or 34*56. No validation needed here, we’ll assume that the input matches [N1][operator][N2] where N1, N2 are maximum 3 digits numbers and [operator] belongs to {+,-,*,/}
    This can be set as a string argument at the start of the workflow. Let’s skip the input box.
  2. Open appetize.io - https://appetize.io/demo?device=iphone5s&scale=75&orientation=portrait&osVersion=9.3
    A wikipedia page will open:

  1. Now you are going to click the iphone button and open safari - This is image based automation
  2. Type calculator + Enter and a brand new calculator will open - Keyboard Automation
  3. Now the tricky part you need to enter the input and = within the calculator
    Here there are more ways - image based or region based click
  4. Scrape back the result

Automation Challenge Winners
Typing Passwords using Virtual Keyboards in UI path

Here’s my solution :smiley:

RPA_Challenge8_LucasPimenta.zip (223.0 KB)


Select date from calendar
How can we click on different keys in calculator application through different input (input variables) in ui path?

Oh boy! This was so fast.


Great work! @Lucas.Pimenta

Date picker

Congratzzz lucas. I am happy for you :wink::raising_hand_woman::boy: You did a great job :wink: pal

Keep it up and please increase your contribution on the forum.
And other also @acaciomelo @Thiago @Masire @tomek.pawlicki @vikas_reddy_Vicky and others
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Share knowledge please :wink:


I can’t wait to join in on these now that I’m aware of them!


cograts @Lucas.Pimenta.

Thanks Leader @aksh1yadav for the encouragement, will try my best to contribute :slight_smile:



Man I’ve been busy with an materials and cost integration robot u_u, :slight_smile: but I will try to keep up !
@Lucas.Pimenta Awesome man!!!

Happy automation to all of you !!


Just adding my attempt at the solution. Good luck UiPathers!

Had a bit of an issue with the citrix recording wizard to get the result out scrape relative (maybe I was using a relative item too far from the result screen anyway the answers were garbage until I picked the top row of the calculator buttons just under the results window.

Also split the input up into numbers separated by the operator which was a waste of time (I think I was thinking I may have to deal with the numbers individually, but actually didn’t need to)

Sol8_CitrixGoogleCalc.zip (1.1 MB)