8. RPA Challenge - Citrix Google Calculator

Now, this is an impossible challenge that will be counted as five :slight_smile:

  1. Retrieve some input like 12+563 or 34*56. No validation needed here, we’ll assume that the input matches [N1][operator][N2] where N1, N2 are maximum 3 digits numbers and [operator] belongs to {+,-,*,/}
    This can be set as a string argument at the start of the workflow. Let’s skip the input box.
  2. Open appetize.io - https://appetize.io/demo?device=iphone5s&scale=75&orientation=portrait&osVersion=9.3
    A wikipedia page will open:

  1. Now you are going to click the iphone button and open safari - This is image based automation
  2. Type calculator + Enter and a brand new calculator will open - Keyboard Automation
  3. Now the tricky part you need to enter the input and = within the calculator
    Here there are more ways - image based or region based click
  4. Scrape back the result

Here’s my solution :smiley:

RPA_Challenge8_LucasPimenta.zip (223.0 KB)



Oh boy! This was so fast.


Great work! @Lucas.Pimenta


Congratzzz lucas. I am happy for you :wink::raising_hand_woman::boy: You did a great job :wink: pal

Keep it up and please increase your contribution on the forum.
And other also @acaciomelo @Thiago @Masire @tomek.pawlicki @vikas_reddy_Vicky and others
@vvaidya- keep it up. Doing well :innocent:
@beesheep @andrzej.kniola- where you have been lost? :wink::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Share knowledge please :wink:


I can’t wait to join in on these now that I’m aware of them!

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cograts @Lucas.Pimenta.

Thanks Leader @aksh1yadav for the encouragement, will try my best to contribute :slight_smile:



Man I’ve been busy with an materials and cost integration robot u_u, :slight_smile: but I will try to keep up !
@Lucas.Pimenta Awesome man!!!

Happy automation to all of you !!


Just adding my attempt at the solution. Good luck UiPathers!

Had a bit of an issue with the citrix recording wizard to get the result out scrape relative (maybe I was using a relative item too far from the result screen anyway the answers were garbage until I picked the top row of the calculator buttons just under the results window.

Also split the input up into numbers separated by the operator which was a waste of time (I think I was thinking I may have to deal with the numbers individually, but actually didn’t need to)

Sol8_CitrixGoogleCalc.zip (1.1 MB)


does anyone have a newer version of the solution? both of them can’t be opened on my current Studio (v2019.4.4). Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Do watch the complete tutorial here

Hope it’s useful for learning