64-bit CE?

I for one would love to have a 64-bit community edition. There is software I’d like to interact with that UiStudio 17.1.6498 (at least my efforts to date indicate this) can’t see - at the moment I’m thinking of C:\Windows\System32\bash.exe, as there’s no C:\Windows\SysWOW64\bash.exe, and the Linux executables in WLS are all 64-bit anyway, I’m pretty sure.

Or is there a 64-bit CE that I missed somehow? :slight_smile:

Use WLS bash: epic fail

Git bash works fine, but - okay, there’s a circuitous workaround. :innocent:

Use 64-bit AHK executable to access bash



@Badita explained the reason why, there is no 64bits version here. and yeah a workaround would seem the most suitable option, and I´m not sure it’s if the automation won’t run. I tried myself with Python 64 bits with no problems at all, sql server 64 bits as well and all ok.


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I don’t understand the problem. 32-bit UiPath Studio does not prevent intereaction with 64-bit world …

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@adrian, so far the problem is illustrated by these screenshots. I think an easy workaround (suggested by my AHK link in the post above) is staring me in the face – I have no access to Win10 at this moment but will within an hour or so. at least some UiPath activities appear not to have access to 64-bit-only programs in the System32 folder.

Image of the “file open” dialog of a “Start Process” activity that tries to start bash.exe:

no bash here

But from File Explorer of course it’s visible:


Thanks for explanations! It’s all clear now.

UiPath studio (and UiRobot) are 32-bit processes and Windows redirects some system folders to their 32-bit counterparts; see: File System Redirector - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn

That does not mean UiPath cannot access 64-bit system folders. I agree it has some issues at design time but we’ll address them asap.

Meanwhile here is an workaround if you want to access 64-bit System32 folder from “Start Process” file open dialog box: just type %windir%\Sysnative into the File Name edit box and press enter. You’ll be redirected to the 64-bit folder and you can choose any 64-bit EXE available.

After you close the file open dialog the file path in the Start Process activity will look like: “C:\Windows\Sysnative\notepad.exe”



Adrian, that’s beautiful. It works PERFECTLY. In the meantime, I had found another, sleazier workaround that also works for bash, which is to copy the executable into the workflow directory. Your solution is elegant.

From my AHK workflow posted elsewhere, after using your solution:


Which gives me this.


Works with arguments also, not just calling scripts:


Resulting in:


Thank you!


BashingIt2.zip (4.6 KB)

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