64/5000 select cells whose sum equals an expected result

Hello, I need to select the rows that in their sum of the cells “value.” equals 131882.64, I have tried dt.compute (“sum (field)”, “”). Equal (131882.64), but it does not give me the expected result.

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Hy @nelsonog101,

Try like this:
Inside an ‘Excel Application Scope’ activity, use the ‘read range’ activity
Use the ‘filter data table’ activity to apply your filter condition

Any questions please let me know
Please let me know if it works


This does not work for me because I need to find the rows that adding the values of the column “value” is equal to an expected result in this case my result is “131882,64”, I need to make a combination of values, to know what the desired rows are.

have a look here:

for starting it tooks set level of two and tries to get the combination of values that summed up is equal to a particular value

Maybe this helps for starting


thanks, it is good start to solve the problem, although I must include some conditions because it can use x rows for the final result

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