5. RPA Challenge - Reorganizing Excel Data Sheet

I have an Excel spreadsheet(For Example Sheet1) as in image 1.I want to organize it in an new sheet(Sheet2) as in image 3. Iwant to create a list to store material codes as in image 2 and I can add more material codes later. After I create the new sheet2, I need to delete sheet1 from the excel file.

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3

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Excellent question. Moved to automation challenge.

I’ve found a way to add the material names along their codes in a data table by using Build dataTable Activity.

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Good. Why not attach the workflows?

Hi there is my workflow for this challenge :slight_smile:

RPA Challenge - Reorganizing Excel Data Sheet.zip (10.9 KB)


Hi @Masire,

Really great code to have in forum :slight_smile:


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Travail incroyable, j’essayais de comprendre la première partie MDR

Thanks @beesheep & @Rahul I tried to do my best :grin:

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HI I have tried this challenge with Sql Query…In order to run this file all u need to do is change the path of Excel file in connect Activity…
First.zip (500.2 KB)

I have completed the challenge please check and let me know… Recognizing Excel Data Sheet.zip (17.0 KB)


Just started with this challenge, glancing at Masires solution.
I figured I had to add an assemblyreference to be able to query the datatable (Dataset extensions), is there a smoother way to do this than to open the xaml file and manually type it in there?

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